Personalized clothing that respects your health

We believe that printed sports apparel should not be harmful. Due to sublimation printing, non-hazardous printing methods is used to keep our athletes safe.

We practice sport to keep in shape and be in good health, and yet the excessive use of harmful chemicals (and sometimes, illegal) substances in garment printing threatens the health of the very same people who seek to be healthy!

Zero dangerous substance

Pioneering in the use of sublimation printing to customize sports apparel, Poli’s approach has been able to develop a method that is neither harmful to the environment nor human health.

Our digital sublimation process uses environmentally-friendly ink since the 90s. To print your personalized sportswear, Poli only uses dispersed water-based piezo ink dyes containing neither endocrine disruptors, nor heavy metals, or chemical substances. Our dyes are fully conform to EU directive 2003 / 53 / CE DTD of June 18th, 2003 in this matter.

Origin – Poli guaranteed!

Many prestigious brands are unable to guarantee that their products are conform to the standard REACH. They frequently sub-contract their production and consequently have zero control over the trace-ability of substances used in the dyes in their garments.

All Poli products are made in our factory, we do not outsource anything. We manage every stage of the manufacturing process. Permanently conscious of quality control, we only use suppliers of fabrics and inks that correspond with our standards. We do not accept compromise, our regulations are to be respected and not bent. We do not sub-contract our responsibility in respect to the environment and public health.



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