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What is the minimum order?

Customization of clothing involves techniques and fixed cost fees, minimum order is requested in order not to offer you exorbitant prices (our rates are “all inclusive”)

We customize clothes from cumulative 10 parts.
(10 high or 10 low or 10 combinations)

We use two printing techniques:

  • Digital printing (for small series and an unlimited number of colours): no minimum to reference.
  • In traditional printing (for large series and for a limited number of colours): the minimum is 5 parts to the reference.

Can I request a sample before ordering?

Although we prefer to have all the elements to make your club model (sizes, designs …), you can apply for a model before passing the final order.  We ask for a settlement of R 2250,00 which will be discounted from your future order.

What are the financial conditions?

A custom garment is unique this is why we are committed to production upon receipt of a deposit equivalent to 50% of the order.

Upon receipt of the latter and before your agreement graphics, we begin to cut your fabric clothing to deliver you with your garments as soon as possible.

The balance is payable before or at the time of delivery against refunding.

What are the conditions and time delivery?

We work on an average of 4 to 6 weeks to make your apparel after final proofs have been signed. You are always informed of the delivery time before ordering.

The day you submit your final design and sizing, an email is sent to you confirming the delivery date.

When your order is ready, our shipping department will contact you to arrange a delivery day. The outstanding balance must be made before shipping.

  • For delivery abroad, packages are shipped primarily by DHL or Fedex (the delivery time varies depending on the destination country).

How and where the material is used is crucial, this includes:

  • The ability to breathe.
  • Ability to eliminate over stretching or shrinking.
  • To dispel sweat and heat, all play a vital role in the engineering process.
  • All over comfort (up to 17 directional stretches in the top garments)

Padding choice is also a very important factor.

We offer 3 different padding options for Men and 3 for Women.

This is referred to in the market as 2 hour, 4 hour and 6 hour bibs.

  • We establish what the bib or cycling shorts will be used for mostly and then lead the customer into the deciding factors to make their choice easier
  • All padding consist of different density in strategic places, this suggests that it is engineered with the utmost precision to ensure longer and more comfortable cycling.

Size Information

We offers a size range from a size 1 – 12.  There is no universal guide of sizes, cuts and sizes of clothing are not the same from one manufacturer to another.

This may seem unnecessary at a glance but we know from research and experience that if the garment fits properly one will be very happy, but if it fits the rider perfectly they will be over the moon.

We want to ensure that you could stay in your kit for a prolonged period of time, because it is not always possible to change shortly after the race or the ride.

Size Chart